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Maternity and Newborn Photo Session in Istanbul

I realized that we have a great story of talented actress Cansu Koc Sahin and her baby son after doing her baby shower, maternity, birth and new born photo shootings. I hope you’d enjoy this story along with some questions that she answered for me.

Why was it important for you to document the pregnancy?
I have only a few photos from my childhood. I wish there were much more. How was I? How was I looking? How was I laughing? etc… It may sound ridiculus but without any photos it feels like there is no past. I wanted my son, Kerem, to have his childhood photographed.

How did becoming mom change you?
When it comes to respobsibility, I am very flexible for myself. But my responsibility awareness has reached its peak with Kerem. Because what makes a person is how they grow up. Let’s think about a cake; you can make thousands of types of cakes with different shapes, different measurements, different ingredients. There is no absolute recipe for a cake but the ingredients are certain. It is up to you how you enrich your “cake” without missing an ingredient. If we say the oven is “life” to cook it, I hope to have a good, delicious and unique “cake”.

One moment/feeling you will remember forever during that pregnancy?
We were looking for a name for our son. We gave up on looking for names after a while since we weren’t happy with what we had found so far. We believed that the “name” will come to us. When I first talked to him, I came up with this name that never crossed my mind before, I called him “Kerem”. That was the most unforgettable moment in my pregnancy.

How did your life chage after Kerem?
Someone who has been in your life for only 5,5 months could be the person you love most. This can change everything.

Describe Kerem in one word…
My life.

Would you redo the whole shootings process again?
Absolutely. The photo shootings were done from easiest to hardest. It was so beautiful and special for us. So I would do those photo shootings over and over again.

Complete the sentence: Being a mom is…
Being a mom is something that you understand after you become one.

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