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Based in Quebec and Ontario, I am offering photography services near and far...

I offer professional wedding photography services that focus on capturing meaningful, artistic moments that reflect the unique love story of each couple. My photographs are intentionally crafted to showcase the romance, human connection, and iconic luminous look of film photography.

Le Château Taillefer Lafon Wedding by Cagdas Yoldas Photography
Quebec Engagement Session by Cagdas Yoldas
Quebec City Micro Wedding by Cagdas Yoldas Photography




Hello! I'm glad our paths have crossed!

With a passion for capturing meaningful and artistic moments, I offer professional wedding photography services to couples in Quebec, Ontario, and destinations around the world. My approach to photography is inspired by romance, human connection, and the iconic luminous look of film. My work has been recognized in various industry-leading magazines and blogs, and I am committed to creating timeless and elegant images that reflect the unique love story of each couple.

Quebec Wedding PhotographerQuebec Wedding Photographer

"When we look at our images from Cagdas, we couldn't stop looking at them and how much work, passion and craftsmanship went into it, as the work from Cagdas is straight magic. We appreciated not only the work but the human behind it, it was a pleasure collaborating with him!"


Bodrum Flamm Wedding Photographer

"I've always felt that if there was something that has to be done, he sure has done it for me. This is something makes a client happy. He was so fast on delivering the photos, he was always reachable and was comforting the whole process. He was so relaxed on the wedding day. It really helped us to feel better even we were stressed from time to time. All my family members and and friends were also happy about this relaxed mood he created for us."


Quebec Wedding PhotographerQuebec Wedding Photographer

"We had a great time with Cagdas! We are both happy with the photos and our family was delighted with the wonderful memories created. Cagdas will be there every minute of your wedding without you noticing. We had a first look before the ceremony and I still can't remember seeing him around us, had to see the photos to believe it! He was very respectful of our space and time and knew how to integrate meaningful details to the shooting.


Quebec Engagement Session

"Our engagement photo shoot with Cagdas exceeded our expectations in every way! Right from the start, his gentle and kind approach made us feel at ease in front of the camera and he guided us through it all. His remarkable eye for detail and innate ability to juxtapose natural emotion to natural light is beyond words. Cagdas is a true professional and a master at his craft."


Bodrum Wedding

"He is so sincere and wholehearted like a relative or a friend. He's exactly the person we wanted to be with us on our wedding day."


Istanbul WeddingIstanbul Wedding

"What we really loved is his energy and how relaxed he was throughout our wedding day. He was like a close friend we knew for a long time, which really helped the way the photos turned out. The colors of the photos were the way we wanted them to be."


Quebec Wedding PhotographerQuebec Wedding Photographer

"He is the best. Our wedding photos are incredible. You’ll be left with the greatest souvenirs of that day!"


Quebec Engagement SessionQuebec Engagement Session

"Cagdas took the most beautiful pictures of me and my fiancé. I will cherish them forever! He knows how to capture people at their best, don’t hesitate to book him!"


Paris Wedding PhotographerParis Wedding Photog

"He kept the pace with our busy program. He let us enjoy our wedding day. We hardly noticed him around us. He loves what he is doing. He is trustworthy and so sincere. We enjoy our photos!



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I only accept a select number of weddings each year to preserve creativity and ensure that each couple receives the quality of service they deserve. I am currently accepting commissions for 2023 and 2024.


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