Hybrid Photo Editing Guide

Matching DIGITAL Photos to Your FILM PHOTOS

What's Inside?

98 PAGE PDF File
Gear List

In This Guide You Will Learn...

  • Step-by-step how to prepare your film and digital photos for matching
  • Multiple portrait examples with different light situations
  • Flat lay hybrid editing
  • Getting the best skin tones everytime
  • How I edit my digital photos to match my film photos
  • Tips on how to shoot your digital photos for a better color matching
  • My gear list

some examples

Hybrid Photo Editing Online Course
Hybrid Photo Editing Online Course
Hybrid Photo Editing Online Course
Hybrid Photo Editing Guide
Hybrid Photo Editing Online Course
I am a digital shooter, will this course help me?
Eventhough this guide mainly made for hybrid shooters, digital shooters can also benefit from the tips that I share about hybrid editing.
What platform is used to edit photos?
All photos that are used in this guide are edited in Adobe Lightroom. So you need to have Adobe Lightroom to be able to follow the instructions.
I am a new photographer, is this guide too advanced for me?
I know it can take some time for a photographer to find his/her own voice. The guide can help you develop your own style even if you are in the early stages of your career.
Will this course teach me how to shoot film?
No. This course will not teach you how to shoot film. Please check my Beginner's Guide to Film Photography guide if you want to start shooting film.
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