Isabelle and Jasmin got married at La Seigneurie des Aulnaies in Quebec, Canada. It was surrounded by all the beautiful and rich colors that a Canadian autumn had to offer. Isabelle wore her mother’s wedding dress which was something out of a fairy tale! This beautiful couple put a lot of thoughts on their wedding’s details. There were many DIY objects. And they made this wedding happen in just three months!

I arrived a week prior to the wedding and I stayed at the couple’s house. I saw details such as bridal bouquet, boutonnieres being made, helped some venue details myself. It was an unforgettable experience for me.

This wedding was published on Martha Stewart Weddings and Mariage Quebec to inspire and give ideas to other couples!

You will find some questions that Isabelle answered for me below. It will give you a little back story of this beautiful vintage country wedding.

How long it’s been since you are together?
Five years

When and how did he propose you?
We were simply having a bit of wine together and dreaming about how we would do our wedding. And then we thought we should do that before I turned 30 and since it was our 5th anniversary already we thought it would be a good idea.

What was the wedding concept?
We wanted something with a vintage touch, classy and a lot of DIY and recycling since we had so much stuff available in the barn and around the house.

How did you decide on the concept?
It came naturally to us. Jasmin wanted to wear a bowtie and I already had my dress so we built it from there and with the look of the venue.

When did you start for the wedding preperations?
We started right away because we only had 3 months ahead of us!

How much was your husband involved into the wedding preperations?
He did as much as I did! Just on different subjects.

How did you decide on your wedding dress? You had anything on your mind? Your husband had any influence on your wedding dress choice?
I always knew since I was a child that I would wear my mother’s dress. There was something about the hood and cape, it was also very simple and classic. Jasmin knew I would do that and he didn’t mind.

Which flowers did you use in your bouquet?
We had white hydrangeas, cream lilies, craspedias and italian ruscus.

What kind of gifts did you give to your guests?
We brainstormed together of something homemade with an autumn feel to it. We gave homemade apple jelly that we cooked from the apples found on my uncle’s land.

Can you give the details about the wedding cake?
We didn’t have cake! We asked my aunts, my sister in law, my father and a friend to bake some pies. They picked their best and it was awesome!

What were the names of your entrance songs?
Groom: Pépé et sa guitare – Comme un homme, Bride: Ray Lamontagne – You are the best thing. 

Is there anything that you can say “I learned this on the wedding day”?
I learned that you never know how much you are loves before an event like this happen. We received so much love from everyone, it was very touching to see them smile, have fun. We received thougtful notes and messages, gifts, and most of all precious help.