Our photography journey with Canan & Izzel begun with their small family wedding ceremony couple months before their real wedding. Canan always told me that she wanted a modest and a non-fancy wedding. Urza, Istinye was the wedding venue in where the couple made their guests experience a beautiful alfreco wedding in a hot summer day.

Here are some questions that Canan answered:

When did you meet?
We were friends at midschool and at high school. We stayed as friends for years. And years went by and we were living in different countries. My asking about him after some 5 years was a start of a new friendship. It was a great friendship that once he had to tell me three times that he loves me and I replied twice that “I love you, you know that”. But things changed when he said “I love you, but more than friends” at his third try.

When did you decide to get marry?
When he told me that he loves me, he also mentioned that he wanted to marry me.

When did he propose? And how?
He never did. He said “You don’t like surprises, so I thought maybe we get marry around in february/march and do our real wedding ceremony around end of summer, that’s it!”. A month later he said that, I got a job offer in Switzerland where he lives. So I moved there in december. Here is how he gave me the ring; “Honey, come. I’ll give you the ring”. I went to his room. At that time he was emptying his bags since he was just back from a business trip. He handed me over a bag in which the ring was. I told him to be a little bit romantic, I already knew he bought the ring. So he took out the ring out of the bag and gave the ring to me that way. The moment I realized that he wasn’t going to kneel, I decided to go up over a chair and waited for him to put the ring on my finger.

How did you decide on wedding concept?
I like simple things. So I wanted a cosy wedding. We didn’t want the center pieces on tables to disturb the chat between our guests. We didn’t want too colorful center pieces. So we used hydrangea with white and yellow flowers.

What was your first dance song?
It was a cover of Colbie Caillat’s “Lucky”. The lyrics say “I’m lucky I’m in love with my best friend”. I’ve always dreamed of singing this song to the man of my life since the first time I heard this song.


Venue URZA ● Event Organisation BM ORGANİZASYON ● Florist BM ORGANİZASYON ● Invitation AKER DAVETİYE ● Wedding Favors LA BONBONIERE ● Wedding Gown VAKKO  ● Groom’s Suit BEYMEN ● Hair Stylist & Make Up Artist MOS NİŞANTAŞI ● Earrings CEMİL GEZER


canan_izzel_urza_istinye_wedding_by_cagdas_yoldas_photography_001 canan_izzel_urza_istinye_wedding_by_cagdas_yoldas_photography_003 canan_izzel_urza_istinye_wedding_by_cagdas_yoldas_photography_002canan_izzel_urza_istinye_wedding_by_cagdas_yoldas_photography_004canan_izzel_urza_istinye_wedding_by_cagdas_yoldas_photography_005 canan_izzel_urza_istinye_wedding_by_cagdas_yoldas_photography_006 canan_izzel_urza_istinye_wedding_by_cagdas_yoldas_photography_007 canan_izzel_urza_istinye_wedding_by_cagdas_yoldas_photography_008 canan_izzel_urza_istinye_wedding_by_cagdas_yoldas_photography_009 canan_izzel_urza_istinye_wedding_by_cagdas_yoldas_photography_010 canan_izzel_urza_istinye_wedding_by_cagdas_yoldas_photography_011 canan_izzel_urza_istinye_wedding_by_cagdas_yoldas_photography_012 canan_izzel_urza_istinye_wedding_by_cagdas_yoldas_photography_013 canan_izzel_urza_istinye_wedding_by_cagdas_yoldas_photography_014 canan_izzel_urza_istinye_wedding_by_cagdas_yoldas_photography_015 canan_izzel_urza_istinye_wedding_by_cagdas_yoldas_photography_016 canan_izzel_urza_istinye_wedding_by_cagdas_yoldas_photography_017 canan_izzel_urza_istinye_wedding_by_cagdas_yoldas_photography_018 canan_izzel_urza_istinye_wedding_by_cagdas_yoldas_photography_019 canan_izzel_urza_istinye_wedding_by_cagdas_yoldas_photography_020 canan_izzel_urza_istinye_wedding_by_cagdas_yoldas_photography_021 canan_izzel_urza_istinye_wedding_by_cagdas_yoldas_photography_022 canan_izzel_urza_istinye_wedding_by_cagdas_yoldas_photography_024 canan_izzel_urza_istinye_wedding_by_cagdas_yoldas_photography_025 canan_izzel_urza_istinye_wedding_by_cagdas_yoldas_photography_023 canan_izzel_urza_istinye_wedding_by_cagdas_yoldas_photography_026 canan_izzel_urza_istinye_wedding_by_cagdas_yoldas_photography_027 canan_izzel_urza_istinye_wedding_by_cagdas_yoldas_photography_028 canan_izzel_urza_istinye_wedding_by_cagdas_yoldas_photography_029 canan_izzel_urza_istinye_wedding_by_cagdas_yoldas_photography_030 canan_izzel_urza_istinye_wedding_by_cagdas_yoldas_photography_031 canan_izzel_urza_istinye_wedding_by_cagdas_yoldas_photography_032 canan_izzel_urza_istinye_wedding_by_cagdas_yoldas_photography_033 canan_izzel_urza_istinye_wedding_by_cagdas_yoldas_photography_034 canan_izzel_urza_istinye_wedding_by_cagdas_yoldas_photography_035 canan_izzel_urza_istinye_wedding_by_cagdas_yoldas_photography_037canan_izzel_urza_istinye_wedding_by_cagdas_yoldas_photography_036 canan_izzel_urza_istinye_wedding_by_cagdas_yoldas_photography_038 canan_izzel_urza_istinye_wedding_by_cagdas_yoldas_photography_039 canan_izzel_urza_istinye_wedding_by_cagdas_yoldas_photography_040 canan_izzel_urza_istinye_wedding_by_cagdas_yoldas_photography_041 canan_izzel_urza_istinye_wedding_by_cagdas_yoldas_photography_042 canan_izzel_urza_istinye_wedding_by_cagdas_yoldas_photography_043 canan_izzel_urza_istinye_wedding_by_cagdas_yoldas_photography_045canan_izzel_urza_istinye_wedding_by_cagdas_yoldas_photography_044