I went to Canada to shoot the wedding of Isabelle & Jasmin. I stayed at their house during my time there. Their hospitality was awesome! The couple wasn’t living in a big city. Their house is outside of the city and is in the nature. I realized that how much i missed sleeping in pure darkness and silent place.

After shooting their wedding we spent the next day at home relaxing. The day after that the couple took me to Quebec City which is 1 hour drive from their home. We wanted to travel around and took more photos of them!

Even though Quebec City is in Canada, it really looks like an european city. Streets, buildings, etc…




We started our tour by visiting the walls of the city which is paralel to Saint Laurent River. There was a museum inside the walls. It was kind of open air and close museum with many barracks and other kind of military buildings. The ironic thing was there was this colorful thing in a park with quotes about war from children.




While we were in a building of the museum we saw a sofa. Jasmin described what it was for. Since Canada is a cold country, back then if someone knocks on your door during winter, they invite the stranger inside and give the person a place to sleep. This sofa turns into a box looking bed when it is opened, just for those strangers.


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We also visited a market which was full of spices, fruits, vegetables, cheese and of course lot’s of maple syrup products…



At the end of our city travel, we meet couple’s friend Etienne to eat famous Canadian food Poutine. We went to this small restaurant in a silent neighbourhood which is really close by Etienne’s house. The couple told me that they brought me here on purpose. Because they knew it’s better to eat a local place other than eating at a crowded touristic place. They were right And Poutine was great! So note to myself; when visiting foreign countries eat at local places for delicious food.



After eating we went to Etienne’s house. Although he was living in a old place he made a great place to live in. He told us about the restoration he did for the house. Etienne writes a blog about food and travel and does videography related things. After having a nice chat and drinking our coffees at his place we headed back to home.

It was a really short travel but I enjoyed it. I hope visit Canada in the future to visit more places.

quebec-city-062 quebec-city-063