Photos are meant to be printed out, touched, passed around. So you can re-live that special day again and again…

I like to present photos in the best way possible and I want photos to be archived properly. This is why I always suggest my clients to invest on an album, so I offer them the best album. The fine art albums that I’ve started offering to my clients since last year is getting prettier this year. This year they come in a bigger box. This box is a complete solution to archive your special day. The box contains the album itself, printed photos and a USB stick that holds all digital photos. Everything about your special day is in a box and ready to be looked at anytime!

Everything in this combo box is all handcrafted and personalized for the client. The album comes in 30x30cm or in 25x25cm sizes. It has linen cover but it can be upgraded to leather or nubuck material upon request. The album has 34 pages, but additional pages can be added. The album comes with a protection cloth. The USB stick is wooden.

Update: Combo box is discontinued. Still giving the same album to my couples but in a different box