I met with Nihal and Doruk couple months ago. They asked for just a couple shooting first but then they asked me to shoot their wedding as well. I am glad they did because I had so much fun shooting these two at our first shooting. I realized that I had beautiful photos after coming back home and checking couple of shots. Here are some questions that they answered for me:

How did you meet?

Nihal: Our story is something that turned into a love story in time. We were in the same class at university. But I really don’t remember him in the first year of university. We became friends later. I wouldn’t imagine we’d have such beautiful days together, but today Doruk is a big part of my life and I can’t live without him. Long story short; Time made us get closer and closer and I am glad about that.

Doruk: I was on a vacation in Venice. While I was having dinner at seaside, I noticed an angel over the sea. It was Nihal. I wish I could have answered this question this way, but no. Our love began at university.

How did he propose?

Doruk: It was an unpredicted and romantic proposal at a fancy restaurant. You should ask Nihal for details.

Nihal: I was expecting him to propose on my birthday. But it didn’t happen. It happened 3 months later which was unpredicted for me. He took me to a fancy restaurant on our anniversary. I went to wash my hands and when I came back his napkin was on the table. The ring box was under it. I thought it was a necklace or something until I saw the ring.

The best memory of you together?

Nihal: We have known each other for 9 years. So I can’t just tell one single memory. I just basicly love being myself when I am with him.

Doruk: It may be a classic answer but I can’t really answer that question. I enjoy every single moment with her. I love looking at her smiling eyes.

A surprise travel destination that you would take your spouse to?

Nihal: Sapanca. Because Doruk always mentions Sapanca when I ask for going out of city to hang out.

Doruk: Hmm, I would love to just grab a backpack and get on the first plane and live freely with her. If I had to answer the question with a name for a destination, that would be Cuba I guess.

Your favorite ice cream flavour?

Nihal: I can easily say all of them as a person who loves sweet. But my favorites are cherry and creamy flavoured ice cream.

Doruk: Unfortunately I don’t like ice cream.

Let’s say you are on a deserted island and you are allowed to take one luxury item with you. What item would that be?

Nihal: I am confused. I think I’d take a cell phone, or maybe not.

Doruk: A plane or a helicopter to escape the island!

How was the photo shooting experience for you?

Nihal: I think this has been one of the best memories that we had. I didn’t imagine us being that relaxed in front of the camera. Thanks to Çağdaş, he really made us at ease during the shooting. I wasn’t faking anything during the shooting. I was looking at Doruk’s eyes genuinely, I was smiling at him genuinely. We also made a new friend. I can’t wait to see how he is going to shoot our wedding. Also we all really deserved those crackers we bought during our trip to shooting location. Thanks Çağdaş.

Doruk: The photo shooting with Çağdaş was so joyful and exciting for us. He made us feel like we were in good hands throughout the shooting which really helped for getting great photos.