Murat proposed to Gizem without a ring. One day, he came to her and put a thread he had found around her finger and proposed. Of course he put a real ring on her finger later but the sweet detail is they still keep that thread around their rings in memory of that day. That’s a small detail about their beautiful love story. They got married at Casa Lavanda‘s beautiful garden. Every detail they put into this wedding was plain wonderful.


Venue CASA LAVANDA ● Wedding Planner EMEK AJANS ● Florist YUNUS KARMA ● Wedding Gown VAKKO ● Hair Stylist PASHA FATİH TIINMAZ ● Make-Up ÇİĞDEM YARTAŞI ● Videography DÜĞME FİLM ● Wedding Cake AYŞEM ÖZTAŞ