Casa Dell’arte Hotel is in Bodrum, Turkey and is an incredible location surrounded with beauty of Mediterranean Sea. Besides being a boutique hotel with beautiful view, it has a lot of artwork inside the hotel. This place offers such a unique wedding experience for photographers. When Ezgi and Caner approached me about their wedding I was so happy that I’d shoot a wedding at this beautiful location. Normally I always meet with my couples before their wedding. So we can talk and plan everything about ther wedding. Because of our busy schedules we couldn’t meet. But when we met a day before their wedding day in Bodrum and it was like we knew each other for a long time! Such beautiful and friendly couple. I feel so lucky to call them as friends today and I am beyond honoured to shoot their wedding. When I saw Ezgi’s beautiful wedding gown it has literally had me gasping. With wedding planner İstisnai Projeler, you just know the wedding is going to be utter perfection.