Even though it’s always pleasure to see Beng&Beng Design‘s works such as invitations and decorations at some weddings I shoot, doing special shooting sessions with the creator, Bengisu, is always too exciting to me. Bengisu creates incredible artworks with watercolor and caligraphy. She makes wedding invitations, calendars, decorations etc… all of them are very unique and beautiful.

I wanted to share some photos from our photo shootings along with some questions she answered kindly for me.

How did you start caligraphy?
I’ve always been into caligraphy… It’s always fun to sit down and write and draw. I loved working on writing…

What do you do to improve your caligraphy skill?
To improve my caligraphy skills, I practice a lot. Caligraphy depends on muscle memory, so the more you practice, the more successful you become.

What is one piece of advice you would give to those who are into caligraphy?
I’d suggest them to be patient. Being patient is important for almost anything, and for caligraphy it is really important to write patiently and slowly. In today’s world we are used to live fast and consume fast. Caligraphy teaches us the opposite. When you find the rhythm inside you, you find your style. The other suggestion I’d give is to follow the works of caligraphers they like, watch their videos and do lot’s of practice. The next step is to try every tools of art available in the market to find out with what tool they feel more comfortable. For example, they should get all the inks they could find and try them out and keep using the one they like the most. If they don’t know where to start, they can join my modern caligraphy workshops. With these workshops, they will learn the basics and some tips to develop their styles.

What gear do you use and love most?
I love my G-pen, sumi ink and rhodia notebook…


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