I met Hande & Vahit just couple months before their wedding. They decided to get married after an eight year long relationship. The couple wanted their wedding theme to be “a garden wedding”, so they chose Yanik Mektep as their wedding venue which is a perfect fit for such theme. The couple decided all the details on the wedding by themselves. The details were simple yet beautiful.

Here is a short part from their interview:

How did Vahit propose you?
It was in February, 2015 in Büyükada, Istanbul. I sensed that something was up when we decided to go to Büyükada, but I wasn’t sure how the proposal was going to be. It happened all of a sudden when we were raoming in deserted streets; we were both too excited. There is also a funny detail about the proposal that I’ll never forget. Vahit couldn’t fit the ring on my finger so he used some hand cream to fit it.

How did you decide the wedding theme?
We never liked big hotel weddings or pool side weddings. We wanted a garden wedding for an intimate atmosphere at our wedding. When we saw Yanik Mektep first, we knew it was the right place and decided to make our wedding there right away.

When did you start wedding preperations?
We started preparations 3 months prior to our wedding. Some people thought it was too late. But it is doable if you become organised and know what you want.

Are there any funny things you can remember from the wedding day?
At our first dance I was so excited that I was holding Vahit from wrong place. Vahit tried to put my hand on his shoulder couple of times. The surprise present that my friends from university gave us was also beautiful (See photos below).

What was the most enjoyable moment for you?
Madly dancing with my husband.

I also had a post-wedding photo shooting session with the couple. Since the season allowed us, we started shooting from sunflower fields and ended our shooting at a beach of Black Sea. It was only their pure love that had been highlighted at those beautiful scenes that nature offered us that day.

This chic wedding has been featured on Martha Stewart Weddings magazine to inspire all other couples that are aiming for such theme. I hope you’ll enjoy the photos of this beautiful couple as much as I liked shooting them.


Venue YANIK MEKTEP ● Event Organisation İNVİTO CATERİNG VE DAVET ORGANİZASYON ● Florist YUNUS KARMA ● Cake MISKET PASTA ● Invitation  TEGV & BONBONELLE ● Wedding Favors BONBONELLE ● Wedding Gown NIQUIE ● Groom’s Suit NETWORK ● Hair Stylist & Make Up Artist UNITE ● Bowtie CİVAN ● Groom’s Shoes DİVARESE ● Bride’s Shoes NINEWEST


hande-vahit-wedding-by-cagdas-yoldas-photography-001 hande-vahit-wedding-by-cagdas-yoldas-photography-005hande-vahit-wedding-by-cagdas-yoldas-photography-008 hande-vahit-wedding-by-cagdas-yoldas-photography-004hande-vahit-wedding-by-cagdas-yoldas-photography-007 hande-vahit-wedding-by-cagdas-yoldas-photography-006hande-vahit-wedding-by-cagdas-yoldas-photography-002hande-vahit-wedding-by-cagdas-yoldas-photography-033 hande-vahit-wedding-by-cagdas-yoldas-photography-003 hande-vahit-wedding-by-cagdas-yoldas-photography-017hande-vahit-wedding-by-cagdas-yoldas-photography-018hande-vahit-wedding-by-cagdas-yoldas-photography-019 hande-vahit-wedding-by-cagdas-yoldas-photography-034 hande-vahit-wedding-by-cagdas-yoldas-photography-035hande-vahit-wedding-by-cagdas-yoldas-photography-022hande-vahit-wedding-by-cagdas-yoldas-photography-009hande-vahit-wedding-by-cagdas-yoldas-photography-020hande-vahit-wedding-by-cagdas-yoldas-photography-036hande-vahit-wedding-by-cagdas-yoldas-photography-021hande-vahit-wedding-by-cagdas-yoldas-photography-023hande-vahit-wedding-by-cagdas-yoldas-photography-011hande-vahit-wedding-by-cagdas-yoldas-photography-025hande-vahit-wedding-by-cagdas-yoldas-photography-012 hande-vahit-wedding-by-cagdas-yoldas-photography-010hande-vahit-wedding-by-cagdas-yoldas-photography-024hande-vahit-wedding-by-cagdas-yoldas-photography-037hande-vahit-wedding-by-cagdas-yoldas-photography-026hande-vahit-wedding-by-cagdas-yoldas-photography-013hande-vahit-wedding-by-cagdas-yoldas-photography-028hande-vahit-wedding-by-cagdas-yoldas-photography-040 hande-vahit-wedding-by-cagdas-yoldas-photography-038 hande-vahit-wedding-by-cagdas-yoldas-photography-039 hande-vahit-wedding-by-cagdas-yoldas-photography-029hande-vahit-wedding-by-cagdas-yoldas-photography-044hande-vahit-wedding-by-cagdas-yoldas-photography-041hande-vahit-wedding-by-cagdas-yoldas-photography-014 hande-vahit-wedding-by-cagdas-yoldas-photography-030 hande-vahit-wedding-by-cagdas-yoldas-photography-027hande-vahit-wedding-by-cagdas-yoldas-photography-015hande-vahit-wedding-by-cagdas-yoldas-photography-042hande-vahit-wedding-by-cagdas-yoldas-photography-031hande-vahit-wedding-by-cagdas-yoldas-photography-016 hande-vahit-wedding-by-cagdas-yoldas-photography-032hande-vahit-wedding-by-cagdas-yoldas-photography-043