meet the photographer


Photo by Yeliz Atici

I have always been into art and creating beauty. It’s something that feeds my soul. As a multipotentialite, I’ve been chasing creative things since I was very young. Years after looking for the best form of creativity, I found myself drawn into world of photography. It’s an endless journey and I am enjoying every bit of it.

I believe in the art of photography. I believe that it is a beautiful way to immortalize memories, bonds of love, stories. Each frame is a legacy that will outlive you and will stand the test of time. Capturing photos with an elegant and artful sense is my motto.

“A tear contains an ocean. A photographer is aware of the tiny moments in a persons life that reveal greater truths.”

– Anonymous –


I am inspired by nature, elegance and simplicity. I believe less is more and small is beautiful. I’m always looking for the detail that will make me want to pick up my camera and snap the moment. Nothing compares to an instant of pure emotion. The shadow of a smile, a single tear of joy, a hand that lovingly holds little fingers… all testimonies of life in it’s simplest essence. As small as they are, they deserve to live forever. Beauty already is all around us. In a field of wild flowers or a building hit by the warm sunset light. Life doesn’t need to be enhanced in any way. I believe it is perfect as it is. It will be my honor to capture those precious moments and make them eternal. For all I wish for is to show you how much love was all around on your wedding day.


I know how important this day is to you. And I know that to be able to pull out the best frames from a wedding day depends on knowing my couples really well. I love developing that organic connection with them. Once they are comfortable with me, it allows me to capture those genuine emotions. I love couples who are intensely in love and who put so much effort into the details of their weddings to make it personal, unique and unforgettable. My passion is capturing all those meaningful details and moments of your wedding day with an elegant style. I tailor each frame one by one to tell your story.

In order to be able to offer my best to the bride and groom, I take a limited number of weddings every year. The couples that book my services early in the process can fully benefit from the complete experience I take pride in providing. Each wedding is a new story, a new adventure and a new begining for new friendships.



Do you travel for shootings?

I love traveling for my shootings. Discovering new places and meeting new people have always been an adventure for me. I always prefer to arrive to the location prior to the shooting day to scout around.

Do you offer workshops?

I have been asked many times about it. I have never gave a workshop due to my busy schedule. But it is on my "to-do" list. Currently I offer only mentoring sessions. Please check my Workshop page for details.

Do you shoot only weddings/couples?

Not at all! I love shooting portraits of any kind. I am also open for commissions for editorial, life style and family shootings.

Do you shoot alone?

Most of the time I shoot alone to keep the unity in my photos. Although it is very tiring for long shooting days, but I love my job.

What is your background?

I am a geology engineer. I worked as an engineer for couple of years then decided to follow my heart and my passion about art. I also have a photography degree.